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RAM over flow issue

Question asked by Satish Perumal on Oct 9, 2012





i am new to this embedded feild , i am facing an issue with my system,

i am using HCs12 compiler , microcontroller : MC9s12xEq512x

i believe my system is malfunctioning in run time and Recovers back after some time and sometime only after POWER RESET(battery OFF/ON). when i am tracing with help of CAN , i can see some values goes to maximum  , i am using array , in run time that array values goes to high during malfunction. and also recovers back.


consider i am using data as follows:


FI = ECT_1;

in run time i can see my ECT_1 is fine, and it did get affected, but FI is showing some random value, when i am seeing the Variable in memory window(with help of BDM), i can see it is getting overwritten by some other value.


In my linker i see Default: RAM, RAM_FD, RAM_FC.

RAM is non paged RAM, RAM_FD, RAM_FC are paged RAM. some global variables are in RAM_FD, RAM_FC is Free. we have created #pragma in RAM_F8, but i can see many of my  variables are in RAM_FD, under the SEGMENT RAM_FD_133, in map file i am able to see RAM_FD_133 is creeted sequentially after PAGE_132 and before PAGE_134.


i doubt my variable in this Segment RAM_FD_133 is getting overwrriten in Run time.


i tried reproducing this scenario in compile time, i just increased my Stack size from 1K to 2K, many variable goes to high values and system behaves abnormal in this point of time. i have attached my map file and linker files for reference, please help me out.



thanks in Advance.

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