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FlexMemory questions

Discussion created by Martin Dusek on Oct 9, 2012
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can you please answer my questions about FlexMemory:


1) Can I use FlexMemory simultaneously with standard flash memory for executing my program when EEPROM is not needed (in other words - can I have 512kb program loaded in device which has 256kb standard flash + 256kb FlexMemory)?


2) How can I program FlexMemory (when EEPROM is not needed)? I can program standard flash memory with eg. "Program longword" command (0x06) supplying flash address of longword to be programmed in FCCOB1, 2, 3. However, FlexMemory of my device is located at address 0x10000000 which doesn't fit into 24 bits of FCCOB1, 2, 3.