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MPC5121 conjunction with SGTL5000 I2S codec

Question asked by Gilbert Tsai on Oct 8, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by Paul Genua


I try to use MPC5121 PSC5 as I2S to conjunction with SGTL5000.

PSC5_4 defines as MCLK, my problem is no MLCK output at IO pin PSC5_4 after my register setting entry.

Here are the setting content in uboot mode,


mw 8000a270 0;PSC5_0 in FUNCMUX
mw 8000a274 0;PSC5_1 in FUNCMUX
mw 8000a278 0;PSC5_2 in FUNCMUX
mw 8000a27c 0;PSC5_3 in FUNCMUX
mw 8000a280 0;PSC5_4 in FUNCMUX
mw 80000f04 e140bc00;SCCR1 (System clock control reg.1)PSC5 enable
mw 80000f08 bc800000;SCCR2 (System clock control reg.2)I2C0 enable (SGTL5000 control thru I2C0


mw 80000f30 00300000;P5CCR (PSC5 Clock Control Reg.)set MCLK_DIV=24SGTL5000 accept 8-27MHz
mw 80000f30 00310000;P5CCR (PSC5 Clock Control Reg.)enable MCLK, MCLK=SYS_CLK/25SGTL5000 accept 8-27MHz


mw 80011540 2fe00000;SICR (Serial Interface Control Reg.)


Can any expert help reply?

Thanks in advance.