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Right now I'm using the Kinetis TWR-K60N512 development kit and MQX 3.1, I'm currently creating my custom board and I'm able to flash code successfully. My custom board has a microcontroller in the same family as the one on my development kit, so the processor expert files I used for the kit also work on my custom board.


However, right now I'm attempting to run a MQX program (using the hello world demo) on my custom board. Since I don't have serial, I was using the iodebug option to see the message in my console. The code flashes but no message is displayed in the console, I have already changed the configuration in the user config files to use iodebug mode instead of the default "ttyf." Flashing this code on the development kit, in iodebug mode, is successful and I'm able to see the message in the console.


In addition to this, when I press the debug icon, the play button is already greyed out. However I am able to pause the program, so I'm assuming its automatically running and unable to successfully compile the bsp file.


When I'm in debugging mode on the custom board, I've paused the debugger and it brings me to the bsp_cm.c file to wait for an external clock here:


     while((MCG_S & MCG_S_IREFST_MASK) != 0x00U) { /* Check that the source of the FLL reference clock is the external reference clock. */


       while((MCG_S & 0x0CU) != 0x08U) {    /* Wait until external reference clock is selected as MCG output */


       /* Switch to PBE Mode */


Is this external clock specific to the hardware on the Kinetis development kit? Or is this an issue with MQX? If so, how would i go about fixing this.


If it is a hardware issue, is there a document that outlines the hardware requirements for MQX to run on a custom board (using a similar microcontroller)?





Khoa Nguyen