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AN2295sw Rev12 on MR32

Question asked by Marilena Nardelli on Oct 5, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2012 by Wlodek_D.

Hi, I'm using AN2295sw Rev12 as start up to use a bootloader on HC08MR32, I have some questions:


1. The first 5 pages of flash memory (0x8000-0x827E) are used as EEPROM from the application, from the sixth page, It is allocated code. From MCU slave software, I have modified  file slfprg-mr32.asm on line 89

               FLS_BEG EQU $8000   in  FLS_BEG EQU $8280

Now, the problem is on PC Master software, I think I must modify s19.c and prog.c files, but not extactly where.


2. The user application needs read and/or write some bytes, during execution, on flash memory managed as EEPROM, this could be a problem for the MCU slave bootloader?


3. On paragraph 3.5.1 - Memory occupied -  I read that because the bootloader is placed at the upper end of flash memory, the user code must be modified in its memory mapping. This means that I must change the last address of flash memory, for example:

ROM     =     READ_ONLY_MEMORY     0x8280     TO     0xFDFF

must changed on

ROM     = READ_ONLY_MEMORY 0x8280 TO     0xFC32


4. I plan to include di *.exe file of PC master software in a sw application, that the customer could use for update and manage a target board, and usually it want to use virtual serial port via USB. It's possible modify the PC master sw to make automatically this calibration, if it is, where and what I must modify.


I hope my questions are clear.... thak for any help.