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USB MSD Host Bootloader on KL25 (Freedom)

Discussion created by Thomas Jespersen on Oct 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2015 by Mark Butcher

Hi Freescale community.


I have received the KL25 Freedom board a while ago but did only play with it a little bit within the Codewarrior IDE.

We have now dug it out from the dust as we would like to play a bit with the USB Host functionality of the KL25 processor.


We have read the "USB Mass Storage Device Host Bootloader" application note (AN4368) and found that pretty interesting so we would like to try the same on the inexpensive Freedom board.

The application note describes how to compile and use the bootloader on the Kinetis family (Kinetis K60 in the example provided) but we would like to port it to the KL25.

Do you think this would be a difficult task?


We have already started on the porting but have run into some newcomer problems as "DisableInterrupts;" doesn't exists and some FTFL and FMC registers are undeclared too.

So is it possible to get this application note running on the Freedom board and how much hassle would it require?


Thank you for your time in advance.


Best Regards

Thomas Jespersen