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i.MX53 quick start board - Micro USB (J3) - detection problem

Question asked by haryono on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2012 by haryono

Dear all,


I have an issue with detecting i.MX53 quick start board (running Ubuntu) via Micro USB (J3) connector.

My understanding is that J3 is USB device port, thus if I connect it to my PC's USB port I will be able to detect the board.

Also, the driver is iMX_BulkIO_Driver included in MfgTool.  Btw, my PC is running Windows Vista 32-bit, processor is AMD Turion64.


I started up the board, and after the Ubuntu is fully running, I connected it to my PC, but my PC didn't see the board at all.

I didn't hear anything (normally the PC will make a sound when USB device is connected).  I checked under device manager, no new/unknown device detected either.  I tried this with another quick start board (I have two), as well as with another PC (running Win XP) as well, same result.


My questions are:

1. Did I miss anything? How to make it detectable by the PC? Do I need to do something with some config in the Ubuntu running on the board?

2. Do I need to install the driver first? If yes, how?

3. When it's detected by the PC, will it be detected as USB storage device?


Thank you so much for your help.