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Cannot write to EIM of the i.MX6 via Linux

Question asked by GerrySimmons on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by Mike Miller

I am still struggling to figure out why I can't write to the EIM  or the EIM registers on the i.mx6 under Linux.  Any help would be much appreciated.  I am at the end of things to even try next.



We are trying to test a IRQ and EIM based interface.  Currently I am having difficulty accessing the EIM bus.  I can read the EIM registers but can't write to them (value never changes).  I can't read or write to the EIM CS0 address block.


However I have discovered that from u-boot I can read/write to the EIM - CS0 (0x0800_0000) address range.  I am not sure if this is indeed making it out to the EIM pins but the board doesn't hang.  I can also read/write to the EIM registers (AIPS2->CSnGCR1-2,CSnRCR1-2,CSnWCR1-2).


Here is output from test of writing to CS0GCR1 register (0x021b8000). 

The original values match the default values from Processor Reference.


MX6Q SABRELITE U-Boot > md.l 0x021b8000 6

021b8000: 00610089 00001002 1c022000 00000000    ..a...... ......

021b8010: 1c092480 00000000    .$......


MX6Q SABRELITE U-Boot > mw.l 0x021b8000 0x00E100B9 1 MX6Q SABRELITE U-Boot > md.l 0x021b8000 6

021b8000: 00e100b9 00001002 1c022000 00000000    ......... ......

021b8010: 1c092480 00000000    .$......


Here is output from reading the EIM CS0 address block (0x08000000). The values change slightly with every read.  But that makes sense as nothing is currently hooked up to the EIM bus.


MX6Q SABRELITE U-Boot > md.l 0x08000000 16

08000000: 00010000 00030002 00050004 00070006 ................

08000010: 00090008 000b000a 000d000c 000f000e ................

08000020: 00110010 00130012 00150014 00170016 ................

08000030: 00190018 001b001a 001d001c 001f001e ................

08000040: 00210020 00230022 00250024 00270026 .!.".#.$.%.&.'.

08000050: 00290028 002b002a    (.).*.+.


I can write to it without apparent issues.


MX6Q SABRELITE U-Boot > mw.l 0x08000000 0xdeadbeaf 10 MX6Q SABRELITE U-Boot > md.l 0x08000000 16

08000000: 00010001 00030003 00050005 00070006 ................

08000010: 00090009 000b000a 000d000d 000f000f ................

08000020: 00110011 00130012 00150015 00170017 ................

08000030: 00190018 001b001a 001d001d 001f001e ................

08000040: 00210021 00230022 00250024 00270027 !.!.".#.$.%.'.'.

08000050: 00290028 002b002b    (.).+.+.



In my Linux Kernel module I can read from the EIM control registers.  I have set up a debugfs output to display the values. These values match what I expect to see as defaults.  Also they are the same values that I see in U-Boot.



EIM_WCR: 0x20

EIM_WIAR: 0x10

EIM_EAR: 0x0

EIM_CSOGCR1: 0x610089

EIM_CSOGCR2: 0x1002

EIM_CSORCR1: 0x1c022000


EIM_CSOWCR1: 0x1c092480


EIM_CS1GCR1: 0x10080

EIM_CS1GCR2: 0x1000

EIM_CS1RCR1: 0x0

EIM_CS1RCR2: 0x0

EIM_CS1WCR1: 0x0

EIM_CS1WCR2: 0x0

EIM_CS2GCR1: 0x10080

EIM_CS2GCR2: 0x1000

EIM_CS2RCR1: 0x0

EIM_CS2RCR2: 0x0

EIM_CS2WCR1: 0x0

EIM_CS2WCR2: 0x0

EIM_CS3GCR1: 0x10080

EIM_CS3GCR2: 0x1000

EIM_CS3RCR1: 0x0

EIM_CS3RCR2: 0x0

EIM_CS3WCR1: 0x0

EIM_CS3WCR2: 0x0




However in the code I try to set the value for the EIM_CSOGCR1 register and it doesn't change when I read it back.  Here are the read and write code lines.


#define EIM_CS0_OFFSET (0xb8000)

#define EIM_CSnGCR1 (0x00)

#define PERIPBASE_VIRT            0xF2000000

#define AIPS2_ARB_BASE_ADDR        0x02100000









Also if I try to read from the EIM CS0 address range the whole system hangs.



int map_shared_mem(struct itest_device_t * itest_dev_data) {

   /* get access to shared mem*/

   itest_dev_data->eim_addr = ioremap_nocache(EIM_CS0_BASE, SZ_128K);


   printk("itest: EIM memory virt address = 0x%p\n",itest_dev_data->eim_addr);


   if (itest_dev_data->eim_addr == NULL)


     printk("itest:  error mapping EIM memory\n");

     return -ENOMEM;



   return 0;




int itest_init(void)







test_data = ioread16(itest_device.eim_addr); printk("%d\n",test_data);




Here is output from module.  After this nothing else is printed and the system appears to be unresponsive.


root@imx6qsabrelite:~# insmod /itest.ko


itest: EIM memory virt address = 0xc0ac0000




I then looked into the AHB to IP Bridge (AIPSTZ) (AIPS_TZ) registers in hopes that some of the access registers were the issue.


However it appears that u-boot sets them up.  Here is code from U-Boot that appears to be setting up the aips registers.


void init_aips(void)


         struct aipstz_regs *aips1, *aips2;


         aips1 = (struct aipstz_regs *)AIPS1_BASE_ADDR;

         aips2 = (struct aipstz_regs *)AIPS2_BASE_ADDR;



          * Set all MPROTx to be non-bufferable, trusted for R/W,

          * not forced to user-mode.


         writel(0x77777777, &aips1->mprot0);

         writel(0x77777777, &aips1->mprot1);

         writel(0x77777777, &aips2->mprot0);

         writel(0x77777777, &aips2->mprot1);



          * Set all OPACRx to be non-bufferable, not require

          * supervisor privilege level for access,allow for

          * write access and untrusted master access.


         writel(0x00000000, &aips1->opacr0);

         writel(0x00000000, &aips1->opacr1);

         writel(0x00000000, &aips1->opacr2);

         writel(0x00000000, &aips1->opacr3);

         writel(0x00000000, &aips1->opacr4);

         writel(0x00000000, &aips2->opacr0);

         writel(0x00000000, &aips2->opacr1);

         writel(0x00000000, &aips2->opacr2);

         writel(0x00000000, &aips2->opacr3);

         writel(0x00000000, &aips2->opacr4); }


This matches what I see in U-Boot and Linux.


//output from u-boot

MX6Q SABRELITE U-Boot > md.l 0x0207c000 1

0207c000: 77777777    wwww

MX6Q SABRELITE U-Boot > md.l 0x0207c040 5

0207c040: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ................

0207c050: 00000000    ....


MX6Q SABRELITE U-Boot > md.l 0x0217c000 1

0217c000: 77777777    wwww

MX6Q SABRELITE U-Boot > md.l 0x0217c040 5

0217c040: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ................

0217c050: 00000000    ....



//output from kernel module

AIPSTZ1_MPR: 0x77777777






AIPSTZ2_MPR: 0x77777777







I also looked at the CSU registers but they also seem the same between Linux and U-Boot.