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Need proper initialization for USB Host2 (HSIC) in i.MX6x

Question asked by ajithpv on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2015 by Tony Zheng

Hi all,

        During the USB Host testing in i.MX6x boot loader , I'm not getting power into the USB port (LED is not glowing also)! (As far as my understanding, the LED which present in the USB mass storage or USB optical mouse should glow when the USB is powered up). I attached the initial setup configuration which I did for USB HOST 2 (HSIC interface) with this discussion. Please go through the attached file and let me know whether the initial settings are correct or not. I would like to know any additional settings has to be done for the HSIC interface (USB) as well as USB power in i.MX6x?


Looking forward to your valuable suggestion...

Thanks in advance

Ajith P V

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