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CW 10.3 feedback

Discussion created by Carl Norman on Oct 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by Pascal Irrle

Hi All,


Before I start, my Inbox was recently deleted, so I lost all my Freescale contacts... yay....


Was not quite sure how to give feedback regarding the CW10.3 release, so I will just post my feedback here, please join in.


I am using MQX3.7, MCF52259EVB / DEMO / TWR type projects.


Compared to 10.2, it has some buttons, check box's and better error results, otherwise, exactly the same super slow debugging tool as 10.2


Here is what I have seen in the first 10 minutes of use:

- it takes 3 minutes to program a 512Kb project (MRAM and FLASH) from the time I hit debug to the time I hit run, absolutely not acceptable.

- the 'download task fail' dialog appears after each download even though it works perfect every time

- the download task errors I get every time are from the TTF files having premature EOF's... it doesnt fix them or allow you to fix this, but its nice to know every time I load it that it detected premature EOF's

- have to restart CW EVERY TIME before each download


In summary, all I want is a compile, download and debug, this product completely fails on 2 of these primary requirements...


If someone at freescale would like to webex my machine I am happy for you to see all this... Last I remeber you guys arnt allowed to actually look at real work computers... lol...