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Problem in loading nk.bin(WCE700) in i.MX51 EVK from EBOOT

Question asked by Deepak Kukreja on Oct 2, 2012
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I am trying to boot my iMX51 EVK with a Windows Compact 7 image.


I am facing a problem in transferring the nk.bin from PLatform Builder to the iMX51 EVK


I have managed to load the EBOOT in the SD CARD using the bootstrap mode and the ATK Toolkit.


The EBOOT runs successfully, and I have set the IP address, prepared the SD CARD as mentioned in the "WCE700_MX51_ER_1106_UserGuide.pdf"


When the EBOOT runs, it broadcasts the BOOTME message, from the Platform builder when I "Attach Device" the iMX51 device is shown available, but when the image downloading starts, I get the below message on the Hyper-Terminal window:


Sent BOOTME to

Sent BOOTME to

Sent BOOTME to

Sent BOOTME to

Sent BOOTME to

Packet has the following data:


TFTP packet could have 2 name/value pairs

Locked Down Link 1

Src IP Port Dest IP Port Default TFTP block size set to:

512 bytes

This TFTP packet contains 1 options.

We currently only look at the first and expect it to be BLKSIZE.

The packet's option name is blksize.

The option's value is 1024

with a value that is in range.

BLKSIZE will be adjusted to 1024.


An OACK packet is the proper acknowledgement







INFO: OEMMultiBINNotify (dwNumRegions = 1, dwRegionStart = 0x9faa0000).

INFO: OEMVerifyMemory (CA = 0x9faa0000, PA = 0x1ffa0000, length = 0x607225c)

ERROR: Invalid address range.


INFO: OEMReportError Reason 0xfffffff7


and the image download shows as failed.


Can anyone help in locating the problem and provide a possible solution.


Thanks and regards