Compilers and Environments - What Do You Use?

Discussion created by weblar on Oct 2, 2012



I thought I'd post a message to try and gauge what you other people are using in terms of compilers and development environments.


At present, I'm using IAR EWARM however I must say that for the price, it is so very very poor. It would seem that the developers are still liking a Windows 95 style look and feel and I've found that half of the menu options are permanently greyed out or unavailable. As for debugging and moving breakpoints, I won't get started on that one.


I've since had a play with a compiler called Crossworks made by a company called Rowley Associates which seems a lot more professional in terms of looks, the general feel of the application and it seems to produce some nice, optimized code.


I attempted the CodeWarrior environment but I couldn't get used to the Eclipse environment and it just seemed a bit messy.


I feel anything less than Visual Studio quality is unacceptable these days.


Thoughts please?