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Fields in Register Display -

Question asked by Robert Lewis on Oct 2, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2012 by Robert Lewis

In CW 10.3 it is possible to display the registers as with previous versions, but is there any way to also display the register fields correlated with the register display. For example in the Kinetis k40 there are a number of fields per register and several hundred registers to correlate to the PDF doc set. Manually tracking a large number of fields during a debugging session is problematic for human error. Is there any way to display the register fields/bit positions with names. For example in the Flextimer there is a FMT0, 1, 3 timer, in a given timer for a given field, for example FTM0, there are a set of defines in the MK40Z.h file that lists out all the registers, these correspond exactly to the doc set RM. To use an example for the flextimer, status register FTM0_SC, has defined CW header file fields FTM0_SC_TOF_MASK, FTM0_SC_TOIE_MASK, FTM0_SC_CPWMS_MASK and so on. Since there are available to the compiler is there anyway to see them with the debugger? Looking at 0x57, is a lot less obvious that seeing that the TOIE is set, and that the system clock is selected with a prescale of 7 (128).