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Linking FreeMASTER and Matlab

Question asked by Markus Krug on Oct 2, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by Jaroslav Pajskr



I try to link FreeMASTER and Matlab. The aim is to have a model of the realistic world inside Matlab/Simulink that gets controlled on a Kinetis Tower Board.


So far I execute in a m-file the command:

e = actxserver ('MCB.PCM')


as an answer I get:

e =



If I execute for example:



I get the whole list of ActiveX commands:

             LastResult: NaN
             LastRetMsg: NaN
    LastVariable_vValue: NaN
    LastVariable_tValue: NaN
      LastMemory_hexstr: NaN
        LastMemory_data: NaN
      LastRecorder_data: NaN
LastRecorder_serieNames: NaN
LastRecorder_timeBaseSec: NaN
     LastRecorder_state: NaN
   LastLocalFile_string: NaN

But always marked as: NaN - which I do not understand



If I execute one of the commands I get for example:



??? No method 'GetLastResult' with matching signature found for class


Has anyone successful integrated FreeMASTER and Matlab or can give me a hint what I did wrong?


Best Regards