New Forum: How to mark entries as "read"? Where is "Insert Code"?

Discussion created by TomE on Oct 1, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by Jim Donelson

I could use the previous Freescale Forums. I didn't have any problems with them that needed fixing.

They even had a forum for asking questions about using the forums. This one doesn't seem to have anything like that, so I'm sorry for having to ask questions here, in what is obviously the wrong place. I've tried reading through all the "Tutorials", but they don't answer these sort of questions.


The previous forum specifically marked articles that had already been read, so I knew what I had read and what was new. That was a useful feature, unlike the "like" counters on the new ones. "Like" seems to be more important than "relevant".


I've searched for about an hour for an equivalent feature here. Every time I come in "everything is new again" and I find I'm re-reading things I read days or weeks ago.


So is there any equivalent Automatic (or even MANUAL) way of obviously marking posts as having been Already Read?


The extremely useful "Insert Code" seems to have disappeared as well. That was the only way to get code or documentation appearing "as written" without getting the spacing or lines all mangled. I can insert tables, videos and even raw HTML, but the thing I most want to insert in a technical computer forum is raw CODE, and there doesn't seem to be any way of doing that.


I had a good work-flow with the old forum. That's all wrecked with this new interface.