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Tower WIFI setup

Question asked by ibrahimsadiq on Oct 1, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by GainSpan Wi-Fi

I had a couple of questions regarding the manual TWR-WIFI-G1011MI LAB Guide. On page 7 step 14 where it asks to modify the settings, I would like to know what is the IP Address for the ENET_IPADDR. If it is the IP Address of the router, does it overwrite it after the wireless settings are set.


Also, I am having trouble with getting the results mentioned on page 8, steps 22 and 23.


Another concern that I have is that after I get successful connection with PC as mentioned on pages 11 and 12, I am not able to locate the towerwifi GSWebProv on the network list i.e. the tower wifi fails to communicate with other devices.


Please advice. Thank you.