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How to interface Ethernet PHY with CML SGMII  to P3041 SGMII - termination scheme?

Question asked by Sergey Astakhov on Sep 29, 2012

How to realize interface Ethernet PHY with CML SGMII  (has internal bias resistors 50 ohm to internal Vdd  on output and input  CML transistors) and P3041 SGMII - termination scheme?


AC coupled - it is clear;  but:


Where place capacitor - near CML driver or near P3041 SGMII receiver?


Where place capacitor - near P3041 SGMII driver or near PHY receiver?



does I need to place additional termination resistors 50 ohm (to VDD or GND) on far end of CML driver (PHY) (double termination scheme), before capacitor, for each line (Zo=50 ohm) in pair? (Length of lines near 70-100 mm )


I'm going to simulate it, but advises very appreciated.



Thank you advance,