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I.MX6-Sabre-Lite questions

Question asked by TomMorrison on Sep 28, 2012
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I am sorry to ask such simple questions, but I am very confused about exactly what I should do next.

I apologize ahead of time, if this is the wrong forum to post these questions, please send me to

the right forum (if any) where I can get my questions asked.


The imx6 on paper looks like an ideal choice (the processing power as well as the video

encoding) for an application that I want to do (Video/Image Encoding (to MP4/JPEG or

whatever format is appropriate).


Anyways, I need to be able to prove that the imx6 is the right tool for the task. So I bought

a Sabre-lite that and camera (but NO LCD) that was delivered today. I only have a console

to it - and a 'demo' of sometype is running...but I can't see anything..


I am currently used to TI toolchain (and in the past - I"ve used a custom LTIB from Freescale (85xx uP),

So where do I get the equivalent (and hopefully a demo program that is already built for what I need

to test).


Thanks in advance (and apologies if this post is inappropriate).


Tom Morrison