How do I prepare an SD card for boot using Windows CE 6.0?

Discussion created by markwilliams on Sep 27, 2012
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I have been playing with the i.MX28 development board but I am struggling to get my own SD card to boot my own CE 6.0 image.


So far I have performed the following steps:


1) Built a CE image using the Freecscale BSP

2) Used cfimager to put onto my 2GB SD card using the -a option to create the FAT partition

3) Manually copied NK.bin from my release directory (33-34MB) onto the SD card

4) Put the SD card in the dev board (boot switches on 1001) and watched eboot debug output (freescale logo appears)

5) Pressed space to stop boot and configured eboot to boot from the SD card (and saved settings)

6) Reset the system..... unfortunately my image does not boot.  The output is as follows:


Press [ENTER] to launch image stored in SD/MMC or [SPACE] to cancel.


Initiating image launch in 0 seconds.

Launching flash image  ...

-BLMenu .

INFO: Using device name: 'MX2843204'

INFO: Reading NK image to SDHC (please wait)...

INFO: Copying NK image to RAM address 0xa0200000

INFO: Read is 100% complete

INFO: Copy of NK completed successfully

OEMLaunch called PhysAddress 0x40200000.

Download successful!  Jumping to image at 0x0 (physical 0x40200000)...






I get the BATT info a few times. What have I done wrong to prevent the system booting up correctly?


Kind regards, Mark