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configure USB device as root hub

Question asked by Amol Kulkarni on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2013 by MorganMonks


I am using i.MX35 pdk with LTIB linux 2.6.31.

In the eval kit we have the USB OTG which would be connected to PC so that the OTG will work as the device always. I am using OTG as a gadget  and using gadgetfs interface.


We have a USB host port on the eval kit. To this host port i have a USB HUB connected. To the hub i would be connecting printer, camera and pen drive.

i am using libudev library to find new device plugged or unplugged from hub and i am using LIBusb user interface library to to communicate to the devices like printer camera or pen drive from i.MX35 host port.


My requirement is that what ever the devices i connect on the USB hub on host side recognised by the PC.

In other words i want to emulate a hub feature using OTG and host port in i.MX35 eval kit.

That means the OTG on the board should be configured as root hub and should have the root hub fearures. That is if printer is connected on hub i.MX35 will know that a device is conncted at host using libudev and using LIBusb i can read the device descriptors and inform the PC that a new device is connected using gadgetfs on the OTG side.


i would like to know how to configure the OTG as a root hub and inform the PC that a new device is connected and further do the data transfer using gadgetfs.