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K60N512 Tower USB MSD - USB not detected

Question asked by Richard Laplante on Sep 26, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2012 by Richard Laplante

I have the Tower kit USB/MSD Commands demo built and running on the kit (IAR Workbench) with the console displaying: "Please Insert Mass Storage Device".

The device is inserted and reinserted while the demo is running and it is not detected.


I have breakpoints set on the attach event. The interrupt enable is set for attach in the USBx_INTEN register. Host mode is enabled in the USBx_CTL reg.


The jumpers on both the cpu and ser boards are set (to the best of my knowledge) to allow the serial board to provide clocking (as per the demo guide).


The demo code is not broken in any way (I don't think - it has not been changed in any way), but I must have the physical configuration wrong - which leads me back to the jumpers... but I've been there a few times. The bsp is also right out of the box and freshly built. (just downloaded teh code MQX 3.8.1 yesterday).


I also have another (bare metal) USB/MSD project which exhibits the same bug - no detection of USB flash device inserted.


Has anybody tested this demo and have any idea that could help?