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WiFi for MCF5223x

Question asked by Ruben Valls Blasco on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2012 by TomLEE

Hi everyone!


I am using the MCF52233 for my developement projects to achieve an ethernet conection. Now I have been asked to add WiFi connectivity (802.11 b/g at least, maybe also n). The problem is that searching the Internet, I have only found modules that convert the WiFi signal to serial (usually SPI and UART), which manage all the TCP/IP stack and so.


I was wondering if there is any solution which actually uses the Ethernet capability of the device, so the changes to the MCU firmware would be minimum. I have only found the MAX2830 transceiver, but in the reference designs it is not clear how it may be used. Somebody has tried something similar?

Also, if there is a solution like this, is the MCF52233 capable of managing two interfaces? In this case, both WiFi and wired connection. If so, how?


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