New to linux, have some questions about linux and yocto

Discussion created by kevin.chaves on Sep 23, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2012 by Daiane Angolini

Hello everyone! Before I list a bunch of random questions, I might just tell you a little bit about why I'm asking a bunch of random questions. I've never really used linux, I'm straight out of college with 2 years of WinCE dev under my belt and my linux zealot boss is making us all jump ship to board embedded linux... well I'm all for it but theres some large gaps in knowledge.


For linux, I guess I'm wondering if any one can point me in the right direction for how the boot process goes... what scripts are important. I'm trying to use a yocto project to build a minimal image with Qt that starts at a command prompt and I can run my test app to display something... Either from a debug session using Eclipse or through starting it manually after getting to the command prompt with it on my rootfs.


Secondly I've been getting cozy with yocto lately. But there is still a couple of things about it that I'm having a hard time understanding...


I read something about kernel config fragments, i think they were called. Which sounds like its possible to add additional config options to a kernel .config file via a layer. I'm wondering if yocto is really that awesome.


I'm having a hard time understanding how the adt installer works. Is there any directions anywhere that shows how to add a configuration target to it. For example the fsl-image-gui I want to create a program for it, do i have to set it up with the installer or do I just add the sysroot/rootfs manually after its installed and it just works?