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(FSLBOT+CW) Undefined "board_led_display" in TWR_MECH_FSLBOT_CW_Sample_Code

Question asked by MangoBot on Sep 23, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2012 by MangoBot

hello ,


we intend to control on/off of FSLBOT's face LEDs.


we download TWR_MECH_FSLBOT_CW_Sample_Code from Freescale web and try to compile in CW,

but fail in compiling TWR_MCF5225X_example.mcp.

CW said   Link Error : Undefined : "board_led_display" Referenced from "main"


we search through entire TWR_MECH_FSLBOT_CW_Sample_Code and fail to find codes of board_led_display().


any kind advices, or suggestion codes to control LEDs of FSLBOT in C language are appreciated.