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TWR-MEM sdcard demo build problem.

Question asked by Paul Claessen on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by Paul Claessen

I'm new to Freescale Coldfire processors and CodeWarrior V10.2,

and I have a question about getting the sdcard demo to build:


I just got a TWR dev kit, with the MCF52259 MCU, TWR-SER amd TWR-MEM modules.

I got the UART and Ethernet running on the TWR-SER board.

Now I'm trying to get the sdcard demo (.../mfs/examples/sdcard) to build.

I imported the following libraries for twrmcf52259: psp, bsp, mfs, and shell.

They all built okay.

When I then import the demo project (mfs>sdcard_twrmcf52259) and build it, I get this not very descriptive error:


mingw32-make: *** [Source/demo_c.obj] Error 1mfs_sdcard_twrmcf52259


Can anyone point me at what I'm missing?


Many thanks ..