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Problems with recv() function

Question asked by edgarsevilla on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2012 by Martin Latal

Well, I'm working with TWRK60N512, MQX 3.7. And a netbook with Linux RT.


My embedded system is running as Server (Sockets TCP). It just runs a task:


s32BytesRecv = recv(u32SocketFd, au8BufferRx, MAX_LEN_BUFFER, 0);

if(s32BytesRecv != RTCS_ERROR)


My netbook is running as client, It sends 1000 messages of 4 bytes length each 50 ms.


The problems is that when the MAX_LEN_BUFFER constant has the value of 4, no message is lost. But if MAX_LEN_BUFFER has a value greater than 4, then the system lose almost 50 % of messages.


Any idea of how to resolve this?