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52259EVB MQX 3.8.1 extended memory pools

Question asked by johnreynolds on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by David E Seymour

Hi, I recently installed MQX 3.8.1 and I'm testing the 52259EVB HVAC demo included with the project. Everything works OK when I set

DEMOCFG_USE_POOLS= 0 in hvac.h. I have 1MB of extended memory installed and verified that it works by reading and writing it from the debugger shell. When I set DEMOCFG_ENABLE_KLOG =1, I can read the kernel log via the CodeWarrior 10 TAD, so it appears to be working OK. When I set DEMOCFG_USE_POOLS=1, the network stops responding to pings.  The TAD "Lightweight Memory pools" and "Check for Errors" screens show the pools above 0x10000600, and no errors.


I'm using the default "small_ram_config.h" in user_config.h and override the following options:


#define MQX_USE_LOGS                 1

#define MQX_USE_IDLE_TASK         1

#define MQX_USE_SEMAPHORES       1

#define MQX_USE_TIMER                1


#define MQX_KERNEL_LOGGING     1

#define HTTPD_DBG_LEV           2       // http debug info level ( 0 - 4 )


I also set the following in hvac.h:


#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_SERIAL_SHELL    1   /* enable shell task for serial console */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_SWITCH_TASK    0   /* enable button sensing task (otherwise keys are polled) */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_AUTO_LOGGING    1   /* enable logging to serial console (or USB drive) */


#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_USB_FILESYSTEM  0   /* enable USB mass storage */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_RTCS           1   /* enable RTCS operation */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_FTP_SERVER     0   /* enable ftp server */


#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_TELNET_SERVER   0   /* enable telnet server */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_WEBSERVER      1   /* enable web server */

#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_KLOG           1   /* enable kernel logging */

#define DEMOCFG_USE_POOLS             1   /* enable external memory pools for USB and RTCS */

#define DEMOCFG_USE_WIFI              0   /* use WiFi Interface */


Any ideas?

Thanks, John Reynolds