Linaro Android 4.0.4(ICS) porting to imx53 sabre tablet

Discussion created by Mats1z on Sep 20, 2012
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Has anyone tried Linaro evaluation build 12.05 (Android- Ice Cream Sandwitch) build for imx53 sabre tablet?  I've not yet started to build ICS for my sabre tablet but already did Ginger bread Custom build for the same. I did it with freescale BSP. Its working fine. Linaro's build is not officially recommended  by freescale and also several bugs are reported for it's ICS build.

These links will be useful for someone:-

Linaro 12.05 android ics 4.0.4:-

Evaluation builds, components and other downloads for Linaro 12.05


Install instructions- using prebuilt image/building custom image:-

Linaro Releases



Linaro Android candidate test results:-