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I2C driver

Question asked by shany cohen on Sep 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by Yossi Shukron
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I have a strange problem with the I2c driver and I'm starting to run out of ideas.

I'm working on imx28 self designed board and I'm trying to perform simple read and write operations from a device working on i2c bus.

I'm working according to the I2C bus example I found in \WINCE600\SUPPORT_PDK1_9\APP\EEPROM_24LCxxx_I2C_Test and adjusted it to my system.

I've made a certain progress in the I2C driver, however, I still have a few questions

I have 2 problems:

     (a) I can't perform a READ operation. Whenever, I send a READ command to the bus (after a write command with a slave address), it sends the first packet           (slave+read bit), the device ACKs and that's it. There are no more clock cycles after this packet was sent.

     (b) So now,  I'm sending only WRITE command, and after the slave, I'm writing 0xFF byte to the bus. I can see in the scope that the device responds with           data, but I can't read it, cause it's a WRITE command. How can I perform READ operation?


How can I take the information out of the DMA buffers and return it?