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Disabling bluetooth in i.MX53 QSB

Question asked by Goi on Sep 19, 2012
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I'm trying to forcefully disable bluetooth in an i.MX53 quick start board. I'm doing so by modifying certain files, specifically setting BOARD_HAVE_BLUETOOTH to false in, and commenting out all bluetooth related services in init.rc.

The services commented out are dbus, bluetoothd, hfag, hsag, opush and pbap.


I notice that once I disable dbus, I go into a boot loop. From my research it seems that dbus is used as a simple IPC system for the system server sitting in the Android framework to talk to the hcid. I notice my original init.rc doesn't have the hciattach service as several online resources state. Does anyone know why I'd go into a boot loop with dbus commented out?