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problem with kinetis_sc lcdc example on twr-k70f120m

Question asked by claudiomechini on Sep 18, 2012
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Good morning, My name is Claudio Mechini and I am a software developer of the LED SpA company. We have to evaluate the LCDC controller features of the kinetis K70 so we have bought the tower system TWR-K70F120M with TWR-SER module and TWR-LCD-RGB module. With this configuration I had flashed the micrcocontroller with your LCDC demo example (and also lcdc_rev2) of the package "KINETIS SC" but I have a problem. When the demo start the display of the twr-lcd-rgb show for just a second the correct windows composed by four square of different color,red,green,blue and white and a center rectangle with black colour (IM008804.jpg), and then show other windows with rows and columns of random colours like the clock is absent(IM008805.jpg and IM008806.jpg) , but all the signals, hsync,vsync,clk,de, are present, I have controlled them with digital scope. So what is the cause? I have tried also with lcdc-rev2 demo but there is the same issue. I hope that you can help me. Thanks you. Best regards