Tower Manual Problem

Discussion created by markkrebs on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2012 by Megan Hansen

Hi, I'm following up on a documentation problem we have.


My tower manual seems not to match the behavior of the board, which is TWR-K70F12.0M  In a previous interaction with Freescale, we seem to have revC of the board, but the docs only go to rev B?


My problem is that the TWR docs do NOT match the board, as follows: there are generally three columns of information describing the tower connectors A, B, C and D. (J8,9,5,6, respectively).  Those columns are named "pin, name, group, useage"  in section 5 of the manual.  Pin is the location on J8, Useage is the BGA pin reference, given as a port such as pte2 & so forth. Group and Name describe respectively the general and specific function of that pin in it's primary PinControlRegister mapping.


The default description is sometimes incorrect vs the K70 board's data sheet in that NONE of the port's ALTernatives provide the function described.  I don't care if those items are wrong, I can learn the port functions from the data sheet but I fear it's indicative of a real problem: that the pin mappings to the connector are wrong.


A very specific example is that I can't get UART 3 to receive ANYWHERE but on PTB10, which is on J9-70. Another PCR choice for UART3Rx is PTC16, which is on BGAF9, which does Not connect to J9-41, though the manual says it does.  I'll buzz the rest of these, for thrills...

Does YOUR board have Tower doc errors?  Any advice?