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Android and Bluetooth

Question asked by babur on Sep 17, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2012 by babur

Hi all.


Currently in my project i'm using another mcu to run Android and Drive I2C, UART, GPIO and USB functionalities. Also I should add Bluetooth functionalities to our system. But our BSP Android copy and patch doesn't support bluetooth. It's impossible to enable BT.

So i decided to change all our hardware to freescale's one.


I think i.MX512 is good enough for me. Also i will buy iWave imx51 kit. (It has NAND support)

But i'm not sure if FREESCALE's i.Mx Android sources contain Bluetooth libraries and driver etc.

Also which or what type BT module i must use for i.Mx Development Board and also in future my custom board.


Please give me some information.

Am i correct way?


Many Thanks


Software Eng.