Megan Hansen

Add M2M to your designs with cloud-connected Kinetis devices

Discussion created by Megan Hansen Employee on Sep 13, 2012

Is anyone looking to add cloud-connectivity to their embedded designs? A new solution from Freescale is now available that allows you enable the Internet of Anything™. Check it out...


The iDigi Connector for Freescale MQX™ is a downloadable set of libraries, plug-ins, samples and tools designed to facilitate the development of various M2M applications, including Medical, Smart Energy, Renewable Energy, and remote monitoring, using existing Internet infrastructure. This software is designed for use with Ethernet-enabled Kinetis Tower System modules and kits (i.e. TWR-K60N512-KIT and TWR-K60D100M-KIT).




So, if you're using a TWR-K60N512 or a TWR-K60D100M Kinetis K60 module, download the SW and see what you think!