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Using External File within Processor Expert

Question asked by Ken Armitage on Sep 12, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2012 by Vojtech Filip



I'm experiecing some problems with code developed for driving a TFT display from an MCF51JM128 Coldfire MCU.


I have the basic functions working - drawing lines, boxes etc - but I want to import from binary files. I thought I'd use the External file component from within Processor Expert, but when I tryusing the example code;


the component name "EFil1".



MAIN.C unsigned char ch; unsigned char* pchr; unsigned long size; void main(void) { ch = EFil1_GetValue(0); /* Read the first byte from the given file */ ch = EFil1_GetValue(1); /* Read the second byte from the given file */ ... pchr = EFil1_GetAddr(); /* Get address of the first element of the file array */ ch = pchr[0]; /* Read the first byte from the given file */ ... size = EFil1_GetSize(); /* Get size of the given file */ ... }



the programme won't compile without errors...?


Can anyone help please...?