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low framerate with UVC camera on iMX53_QSB

Question asked by alenadia1806 on Sep 12, 2012



I want to test a USB camera, UVC compliant with iMX53QSB.


My Camera is: Trust Nium HD, that support 30 fps in 1280x720, this is my target


I connect my camera to USB and I launch guvcview and by this program I control some parameters.


Maximum frame rate that i obtained in this configuration is 7/8 fps... why this?


Why I didn't reach 30 fps?


I try to disable autoexpsure mode, but only a bit improvement... from 6 fps to 8 fps...


Did I forget something? Is there some module to load before launch guvcview?


In my test i boot QSB with camera connected and next I launch guvcview.


I'm a neewbie... can anyone help me?