How to ask questions in this forum

Discussion created by tom_thompson Employee on Sep 11, 2012

Welcome to the CodeWarrior for Classic/Legacy forum. To better help yourself and those who may assist you, please follow these steps:


1) Search the forums first! Your question might already have been asked and a solution documented in one of the threads in this forum. Use the forum search feature located at the top of this web page to search for solutions.


2) Always state the version of CodeWarrior that you are using and the processor being targeted. CodeWarrior version information can be obtained by choosing Help > About Freescale CodeWarrior, and then clicking Installed Products.


3) When posting, explain precisely what is going wrong. Pay particular attention about stating the problem in the subject line of your post.  Subject lines such as "Please help" or "This does not work" are too vague. A subject line such as "USB TAP is not working with DEMO9S08QG8 board" is more likely to attract the attention of someone familiar with the problem.


3) Licensing problems should be handled by either going to the CodeWarrior Licensing forum or entering a service request. This link will take you to the service request page.


4) Threads of an offensive nature or containing offensive language will be deleted promptly. No exceptions.