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K70 Tower Module Manual Errors?

Question asked by markkrebs on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2012 by Melissa A Hunter

Researching the setup of my board, using the tower manual - TWRK70F120MUM.pdf, there are long tables describing the pinout of external connectors J8 and J9, which reference back to the port names (which are effectively BGA pins) on the microcontroller.  These tables take the form of lists with two columns.  There's a third column stating the nominal, perhaps default purpose for that port.


I feel I'm finding these to be  wrong in many occasions. For instance (according to the K70P256M120SF3.pdf data sheet) PTC16 maps to CAN1, not CAN0, as stated in the tower module manual.  Often it's just an indexing error. 


Can anyone confirm this documentation error, or straighten me out?