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Future Electronics TWR-PIM connects any TFT LCD to Tower

Discussion created by Iain Galloway on Sep 10, 2012
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The TWR-PIM-41WVGA is a complete turnkey Kit for the Freescale tower system which is meant to work with processors that drive a TFT directly such as Kinetis K70, PXD and Vybrid. This Kit includes the Future Electronics exclusive TWR-PIM module, a high quality NL8048HL11 WVGA (800×480) TFT LCD from NLT (NEC) and the appropriate SLAB (Small LCD Adapter Board) for this specific display.


The TWR-PIM is a secondary elevator side attached board which includes power conditioning interfaces and interconnect which can support both large and small LCDs. Small TFT LCDS generally have ZIF cable connections and unique connectorization.

The included SLAB (Small LCD adapter board) is used to adapt between the PIM and a specific LCD formats. It can also include components which meet any other special requirements (power, serial interfaces).

Additional SLABs are available which interface to Future’s existing IMX-PIM cabling and several small LCDs.

For The full article and video showing the PIM see this link..