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Imx28 GPIO gate keeper

Question asked by Ferdinando Quattromani on Sep 10, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by Ming On Lai



I'm involved in a new imx28 hardware design .

I need information about status of GPIO pin when the reset is active and immediately after , when the reset is released .


Reading IMX28 data sheet reference manuale , I found the following information :

  9.2.1 Reset Configuration


Out of reset (hardware/software reset), all the pins (except JTAG related) are

configured as GPIO inputs with gate keepers enabled.





So I need to know :

1) When the reset pin is active (that is : RESET = LOW) are the GPIO pins input (high impedance) or the gate keeper is already enabled ?

2) I need information about structure of gate keeper ; gate keeper sink/source current or is high impedance  circuit ?

Gate keeper looks like as a weak pull up or weak pull down but it si not very clear  ! In the case that the GPIO pin

is connected  to drive a mosfet gate for a led activation , wihich is the logic level present on the GPIO pin when gate

keeper is enabled ?


Thanks in advance