USBDM - Version 4.10.0 (RS08/HCS08/HCS12/CFV1/Kinetis BDM)

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Dear All,


USBDM has been updated to V4.10.0


Please post any queries on this version in this thread (maybe!),


Documentation available at: SourceForge

Applications available at: SourceForge

Source code is available at: GitHub





  • Please note that these design are different from the Freescale OSBDM-JM60 design which was proceeding independently while I was doing the above designs.



V4.10.0 (September 2012) -

  • Improved Kinetis ARM-JTAG interface speed.
  • Added support for Kinetis ARM-SWD interfaces (requires different hardware). ARM-SWD is much faster than ARM-JTAG. For reference, programming a file to Kinetis flash using Codewarrior 10.2:
FirmwareHardwareWith readback verifyWithout readback verify
OSJTAG (build30_rev21)Tower K-401m 20s53s   
USBDM-JTAG (4.10.0)Tower K-4047s23s
USBDM-SWD (4.10.0)USBDM-SWD21s 17s


  • ARM interfaces (JTAG & SWD) are now provided by USBDM interface DLL. This means that the ARM API is now uniform with the RS08, HCS08, HCS12 and CFV1 interfaces. A compatibility DLL is provided for legacy use.
  • Simple ARM-SWD interface hardware designs are provided.
  • Bug fixes
    • Alignment error in programming code for some S12 targets
    • Corrected load addresses for ELF files for HCS08/HCS12