Trevor Woerner

fp_coldfire.a issue upgrading from V6.3 to V6.4

Discussion created by Trevor Woerner on Jun 22, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2007 by CrasyCat
I've been playing with the M52235EVB. I downloaded the code sources to the dBUG ROM monitor for the 52235 eval board:

dBUG source code for the M5223EVB
dBUG ROM monitor source code files for the ColdFire M5223EVB
Using V6.3 everything was fine. Then I updated to V6.4 and I can't link. I get the error:

Link Error : Undefined : "_fpscr"
Referenced from "_f_mul" in fp_coldfire.a

Interesting enough, if I remove the fp_coldfire.a file from the project (which comes from the V6.4 support files, libraries) and replace it (Add files...) with the fp_coldfire.a file from my V6.3 installation the compile works fine.

Creating a "Hello, world!" project using the project stationary for the M52235 under V6.4 compiles and links fine (using the fp_coldfire.a library from V6.4).

Any ideas?