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i.MX53 expansion header data line control

Question asked by Joey Joey on Sep 6, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2014 by Yixing Kong

Hey guys, I am interfacing several LCDs to the i.mx53 quick start board via a custom daughter board utilizing the expansion header.  I can get 2 of the 3 LCDs to work perfect, however the last one has some color skewing.  I believe the problem stems from the fact that the display data lines on the LCD side need to be bit shifted.

The expansion port connector pins 108-62 correspond to Display Data 23 - Display Data 00, 8 bits each RGB.  Both of the LCDs that are working properly are 24 bit color.  The problem LCD is 18 bit color as the RGB mapping does not seem correct.  

Rather than cut and jumper those 18 tiny connections, does anyone know if this can be fixed in software--either at the command line level or even with a special build of the kernel that modifies the mapping either between the ipu and the pads or between the framebuffer and the ipu?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.