Petter Nordby

MCF52235 flash configuration field initialised with assembly code

Discussion created by Petter Nordby on Jun 22, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2007 by Mark Butcher
When attempting to make a bootloader, I discovered that none of the examples I've compared our code to seems to take care of the CFM configuration field as described in Table 17-1 in rev 4 of the MCF52235 reference manual.

According to the manual (if I understand it correctly), flash address 0x400 to 0x417 should contain CFM configuration. __start (or whatever the initial assembly is called) should not occupy this memory space.

This seems to apply for examples from Codewarrior, Interniche and Codesourcery. An SVN repository or similar for improved example code could help others getting more quickly started.