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Solving the USB Coldfire Multilink puzzle?? (general Coldfire BDM issue)

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Jun 22, 2007
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Hi All

Freescale EVBs are delivered with a USB Coldfire Multilink and Freescale DEMO board are delivered with an integrated one. They work great with CodeWarrior (most of the time), can be used with CF Flasher and even with Eclipse and GDB.

However there are quite frequently problems reported that they stop working. Often reinstalling the driver does the trick and gets it going again but sometimes the problem is a bit more stuborn.

Looking through this, the CW and various other forums shows that there is an issue and several uTasker users have also been plagued with it, including myself. If you look at the P&E forum there are several interesting questions about devices which have worked for some time and then stopped. Unfortunately P&E has a strange forum - there are question (although dying out) but never answers - perhaps Freescale (obviously a close partner of P&E) could rap some nuckles there - it is great PR to have a nice forum set up to show how customer caring they are but a bit of a slap in the face when obviously it is just that - a PR gag!!

But to the technical issue in hand:
I have 2 FREESCALE Coldfire EVBs sitting on my desk. Then I have 2 USB Coldfire MULTILINKs.
I can debug and program both boards with both BDMs perfectly using CW6.3.

Some time ago I could work with CF Flasher just fine.

Today none of them will work with CF Flasher (they can't reset the chip) and none wants to work with sprite (used together with GDB in Eclipse environment) - the reported error is the same.

There was a period of time when one of the BDMs didn't want to work with my lap top but did work well with a PC. At the moment both work with the lap top (but only with CW6.3).
Today I also reinstalled all drivers to be sure that nothing was corrupted (did happen once) but didn't get any change.

My question is - can any one explain what we are seeing? Is there some timing in the grey-zone between working and failing? It would be nice to sort this issue out because obviously a lot of Freescale users are affected by it.

Does any one have input?
I will try to get around to recording the BDM waveforms with a logic analyser in successful and failing cases, using different PCs to possibly get a first idea. At the moment my Eclipse work is on hold because the BDMs are on strike again....

Feedback welcome.


Mark Butcher