Robert Kuczaj

MC13213 irq doesnt come asserted

Discussion created by Robert Kuczaj on Jun 21, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2008 by Grupo ZigBee
I have designed my own board for MC13213 based on MC1321x NCB. After I loaded any of demos for SMAC generated by BeeKit I always get the same problem. The CPU stops in the same place like shown in attatchement. I have found that the problem is in crystal rezonator. My had 30 pF of load capasitance. So i have replaced it to one that has 8 pF. But it didn't solve the problem. Jus once the MCU has stepped that part of code. Now it does stop in the same place or sometimes i get massege from debbuger that new clock speed has been detected or I get illegal BP. What is wery interesting the clock sometimes changest to 16 MHz and sometimes to 8.45 MHz. Is there anyone that has solved that problem or know why it occures?