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external clock in pwm mode

Discussion created by Diogo Manfroi on Jun 21, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2007 by bigmac
I am developing a project using 9S08QG4.
In my project I am using the following configuration for PWM:
  TPMSC = 0B00001000;
  TPMC0SC = 0B00101000;
  TPMC0SC_ELS0B = 0;       
  TPMMOD = 100;
  TPMC0V = 50;
This configuration perfectly works!
He happens that the need appeared of synchronizing my pwm with the electric (220V) net, then I changed the configuration of the TPMSC register for:
 TPMSC = 0B00011000;
to use the pin TCLK as entrance of the clock of the connected pwm in the net. I verify with the oscilloscope and he has a wave of 3,2V of width and 60Hz of frequency in the pin TCLK but the out of the pwm channel doesn't alter. What this lacking?

Thank you