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17" (1280x1024) double link LVDS panel support in MX535

Question asked by Inky Lung on Aug 29, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by nichosim


we have problem in driving a double link LVDS panel (1280x1024) with MX535 and not sure what went wrong. we use both LVDS0 and LVDS1 to drive this panel.

here is the uboot parameters.

video=mxcdi0fb:RGB24,1280x1024-60 video=mxcdi1fb:RGB24,1280x1024-60 di1_primary ldb=dual,di=1,ch0_map=SPWG,ch1_map=SPWG

our LCD parameters in drivers/video/mxc/ldb.c are,

{ "1280x1024-60", 60, 1280, 1024, 9259,

248, 48,

38, 1,

112, 3,



we tried the following command line in uboot and had the display shown. however, we only have half of the content displayed. what seems to be the problem? pls check the attached images. we also noticed the bootup penguin logo is twice wider as the standard one. do we need kernel upgrade patch? we're using this kernel,