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New project, demo board questions 56F8013

Question asked by Mark Wyman on Jun 21, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2007 by William Jiang

    Hi all,


I am starting a home project and I would like to use the low-cost demonstration board to develop on.
I am wondering what are the limitations of this board, and if I should save my pennies for something better. I have a tight budget being this is a home project.


My code size should be relativly small, and I will be writing to the iron (C/ASM)


My project consists of this core, using 2 of the on-board 12-bit converters, 2 external 16-bit SPI converters (maybe three) at a rate of approx 33kHz sample rate which will be receiving all in parallel (probably bit-bang SPI), SCI port, and that is about it.


Processing needed: Phase detection between 4 signals (timer capture) peak detection with minor averaging, probably simple peak/slow decay function.


Sooo... This demo kit, do I need to burn a boot-loader into it, or can I handle programming/single step through the JTAG? I would like to reserve the SCI for sending the results of the calculations to the PC.


Thanks for any insight!


Thanks so much
    -Mark W.