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MPEG-2 Encoder for i.MX53 utilising the VPU

Discussion created by Leon Craven on Aug 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by Leon Craven
Hi,  Has anyone come across an MPEG-2 encoder that uses the VPU on the i.MX53?  The datasheet (IMX53IEC, Page 15, Note 1) states that 70% of MPEG-2 encoding is performed in hardware, however there is no MPEG-2 encoder in the Multimedia Codec package.  I've contacted Freescale and they suggested that we contact "third party suppliers", but didn't say who specifically to contact.  Freescale's other suggestion was to write the MPEG-2 encoder for the VPU ourselves. Has anyone managed to do this?  Regards,  Leon Craven